Land of ashes

2019 - 80 min - Fiction
In coproduction with Sputnik (Costa Rica), La Post Producciones (Chile) and Promenade Films (France).
With the Support of IBERMEDIA, Tribeca Film Institute, Fund El Fauno, CNC, WCF, Cinergia and Mecenazgo. Aide aux cinémas du Monde, Costa Rica International Film Festival, Cinergia, XII International Producer’s Meeting FICCI.


Selva (13) lives in a Caribbean coastal town. As she grows up, she tries to keep her family together, but this proves to be harder every day. It seems her father will never come back; Elena, her only motherly figure, disappears at the town festivities; and her grandfather obsesses over his imaginary goats as he lets himself die.
Between imaginary landscapes and mysterious shadows, Selva debates whether to help her grandfather achieve his death wish, even though this means going alone through her last moments of childhood.

technical info

Written and directed by: Sofía Quirós Úbeda
Executive Production: Mariana Murillo, Cecilia Salim, Millaray Cortés, Matías Echeverría and Samuel Chauvin
Cinematography: Francisca Saez Agurto
Sound Design: Christian Cosgrove and Camilo Jimenez
Edition: Ariel Escalante Meza
Art Direction: Carolina Lett
Cast: Smashleen Gutiérrez, Humberto Samuels and Hortensia Smith

artist info

Smashleen Gutiérrez, Humberto Samuels y Hortensia Smith


Tres Puertos Cine
Bolivia Lab
Lobo Lab
Curso de Desarrollo de Proyectos Cinematográficos de Ibermedia
Catapulta FICUNAM
Primera Mirada IFF Panama
and Cine en Construcción Cinélatino
Rencontres de Toulouse.


Cannes Film Festival, Critics Week 2019
Mar del Plata Film Festival, Panorama 2019

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