madre pájaro

by Sofía Quirós Úbeda
In co production with Sputnik Films (Costa Rica)
Status: In Development
Fondo de Emergencia de Desarrollo de Proyectos del Centro de Cine (CR), Beca Creación Fondo Nacional de las Artes, Coproduction Forum of the San Sebastian Film Festival 2022 (Arté Award). Development Fund Ibermedia. Tres Puerto Cine. La Fabrique Cinéma de L'Institut Français.


Oliver lives with his older siblings in an arid, coastal town in Costa Rica. While his parents are temporarily in the capital trying to find a cure for their mother, Oliver builds a strong friendship with Paloma, a neighbor in whom he projects the fantasy of a new mother.With the return of his parents, Oliver will face his mother’s illness and the rejection he feels towards her, but the relationship with Paloma and his connection to the birds will help him find his own way of saying goodbye.