Maybe it's true what they say about us

by Sofía Gómez and Camilo Becerra
Status: In Development
In co-production with StoryboardMedia (Chile) and Morocha Films (Argentina)
With the support of CORFO, CNCA and INCAA
Selected at Producer’s Hub Berlinale 2020


One day, after having lost contact for many years, Ximena’s daughter, Tamara, appears with horrible news: her newborn was sacrificed in the sect of which he was a part.
Ximena tries to convince Tamara to report the crime, but she ends up discovering that her daughter was an accomplice. Ximena’s life falls apart as she tries to find out if her daughter is a victim of the cult leader or a perpetrator. Ximena, then, decides to help Tamara evade justice in the hope that somewhere she can start a new life, if that is still possible.