mi amiga de rikudim

by Michelle Gualda
Status: In development


Argentina, 1994. While expecting her first daughter with her husband, Gaby meets Pao, the new Rikudim (Israeli dance) teacher at a Jewish community club. A friendship tinged with complicity is born between them. Together, they decide to write a book about Rikudim.
1998. Divorced from DarĂ­o, Gaby maintains a secret relationship with Pao, which accompanies the upbringing of her daughter. After a trip to Brazil where they find a publisher for their book, Pao proposes to Gaby to look for a house together. The fear of being discovered forces Gaby to distance herself. The launch of the book finds them in crisis.
2020. Gaby, now distant from the Jewish community, receives a proposal to relaunch the book. For that, he must get back in touch with Pao after 20 years without speaking.