the snatch thief

2018 - 94 min - Fiction - Argentina and Uruguay
In Coproduction with Rizoma (Argentina) and Oriental Features (Uruguay).
With the Support of INCAA, ICAU, IBERMEDIA and Tucumán Government.


A robber regrets having brutally hit an elderly woman in order to snatch off her handbag and attempts to make up for the damage he inflicted. But his past deeds as moto-snatcher hunt him, keeping him from re-starting his life anew.

technical info

Directed by Agustín Toscano
Screenplay: Agustín Toscano
Producers: Georgina Baisch, Natacha Cervi, Hernan Musaluppi and Cecilia Salim
Coproducers: Diego Robino and Santiago López
Executive Producers: Georgina Baisch and Cecilia Salim
Cinematography: Arauco Hernández Holz
Production Design and Costume Design: Gonzalo Delgado Galiana
Editor: Pablo Barbieri
Sound Design: Cato Vildosola
Music: Maxi Prietto

artist info

Sergio Prina, Liliana Juarez, Daniel Elías, Camila Plaate, Pilar Benítez Vibart y Mirella Pascual


Berlinale Talent Project Market 2016 (VFF Highlight Award)
Select at Pitching Forum Sorofond 2016
Co-production Forum of San Sebastian Film Festival 2015
Cinematographic development course,Carolina Foundatión
Bolivia Lab 2015
National of Arts Fund /EICTV


Cannes Film Festival, Quinzaine des Réalisateurs 2018
San Sebastian Film Festival, Latin Horizons 2018 Special Mention
Sao Paulo international Film Festival
Nara Japón Film Festival Award Best Film
Santiago de Chile International Film Festival (Sanfic) Award Best Film

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