jesús lópez

2021 - 87 min - Fiction - Argentina and France
In co-production with Luz Verde (France)
With the support of INCAA Film project development and Production competition, FNA, Mecenazgo Cultural, Metropolitan Fund, Entre Ríos Government Regional Fund and Aide Aux Cinémas du Monde (France).


Jesús López, a young racing driver, dies accidentally leaving his village in astonishment. His cousin Abel, a drifting teenager, gradually feels tempted to take his place. He moves in with Jesús’ parents, wears his clothes, gets closer to his friends and ex-girlfriend. At first, people accept him and Abel takes a liking to the role. But the resemblance to his cousin becomes disturbing, to the point that he ends up transforming into Jesús López. A car race in homage to Jesús is organized in the village. Animated by the spirit of his cousin, Abel drives the deceased’s car. The outcome of this race will determine whether or not the result of the transformation becomes definitive.

Technical info

Directed by: Maximiliano Schonfeld
Screenplay: Selva Almada y Maximiliano Schonfeld
Producer: Georgina Baisch, Cecilia Salim y Maximiliano Schonfeld
Coproducer: Lucero Garzón
Executive Producers: Georgina Baisch, Cecilia Salim
Cinematography: Federico Lastra
Editor: Ana Remón (SAE)
Sound Design: Sofía Straface (ASA)
Music: Jackson Souvenirs


Lucas Schell, Joaquín Spahn, Sofía Palomino, Romina Pinto, Ia Arteta, Paula Rasenberg, Alfredo Zenobi, Benigno Lell


Winner Catapulta Wip 2021
Winner Latam Wip – San Sebastián Film Festival 2020
Tres Puertos Cine Programme
Eave Puentes
Proyecta Ventana Sur 2018


San Sebastián Film Festival, Latin Horizons, 2021
Biarritz Film Festival, International Competition, 2021
Hamburg Film Festival
BIFF Bogotá